Failure to Maintain a Safe Environment

Daycare providers have a duty to provide a safe and nurturing environment to the children and families they serve. This includes all indoor and outdoor facilities, and the equipment, materials, or products they contain. A safe environment involves one that is clean, secured, and adequately supervised.

Occasionally, providers breach this duty of care, resulting in the injuries of children. Parents or guardians of children should inspect daycares and tour them before signing children up. There are clear indicators of safe and unsafe daycares.

Questions to Ask in Determining Safety

When selecting a daycare, there are important questions to ask when visiting:

  • Are there working fire alarms, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?
  • Is the daycare center free of tripping hazards? i.e. torn rugs, loose mats
  • How often are fire drills performed and are evacuation routes posted somewhere?
  • Do doors leading out have safety latches?
  • How recent is the last inspection report and are they available to view?
  • Are there any broken toys inside or play equipment outside?
  • Does the playground have an impact-absorbing material on the ground?
  • Is there proper fencing around the outdoor play area?
  • Are younger and older children separated?
  • How often are toys and other equipment disinfected? (try picking up a random toy)
  • How close are eating areas to diaper changing stations/restrooms?
  • Are any medications, cleaning products, or other toxic substances accessible by children?
  • Do cabinets, doors, windows, and outlets have standard childproofing mechanisms?
  • Is crib padding tight and firm?

These are just some of the questions parents should ask themselves and the supervisors while visiting a daycare, prior to employing its services. Keep in mind each facility is different, so some items to consider vary based on age-appropriateness.

When daycare centers fail to maintain a safe environment, children may go missing, be injured or ill-treated. Always ensure your facility is licensed and insured.

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