Improper Loading

Every year, around 82,000 people are injured in large truck accidents and 3,500 people are fatally injured. A significant portion of these fatalities and injuries are caused by improper loading of cargo in the truck.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has strict loading regulations including the way cargo should be loaded, minimum and maximum cargo weights, and how cargo should be secured. When these laws are not followed correctly, improperly loaded trucks can cause injury or even fatalities.

What is Improper Loading?

Improper loading occurs when cargo is incorrectly loaded or secured in the truck. This can cause instability of the vehicle, creating a danger in high traffic areas or around sharp turns. Improper loading can occur in a number of ways:

  • Overloaded cargo, causing top-heaviness
  • Improperly secured cargo, causing it to shift within the truck
  • Underfilled liquid cargo tank, creating instability

Types of Improper Loading Trucking Accidents

Whether due to an overloaded truck or unsecured cargo, improper loading of a truck can cause the following types of accidents:

Jackknife Accidents

If cargo is improperly loaded or is unsecured, it can cause the truck to become unstable. When taking a turn, the cargo can cause the back of the truck to swing toward the front of the truck, also known as jackknifing. This not only endangers the driver of the vehicle, but also the rest of the drivers and passengers on the road around the truck.

Loose Cargo Accidents

Loose or unsecured cargo has a higher chance of spilling onto the road or hitting another vehicle. When cargo spills onto the road, this can cause injury and damage to multiple vehicles and drivers at one time.

Sideswipe Accidents

If a truck is improperly loaded, the back of the truck can swing over into other lanes of traffic causing multiple injuries or fatalities. Because an imbalanced load is difficult to regain control of, this can also turn into a jackknifing accident or a rollover accident quickly.

Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are most common with top-heavy or overloaded vehicles. If a truck needs to make a turn or change lanes, the instability of the cargo can cause the truck to completely turn over, causing injuries or fatalities, and possibly spilling its contents onto the road.

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