Workers’ Compensation

Jenkins Utley, P.C. are the workers’ compensation lawyers that successfully represent individuals injured at work. Even if your claim has been denied, our attorneys may still be able to help you receive compensation. Workers’ compensation covers:

  • Medical and hospital bills
  • Temporary disability payments to those who cannot work while injured
  • Permanent disability payments to those who can no longer work
  • Retraining for individuals who cannot return to the same job
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Death benefits (to relatives) when an individual is killed on the job

Our attorneys understand how financially challenging, complex, and difficult the workers’ compensation process can be for you – we are here to help. We represent each of our clients with the utmost respect and are dedicated to making each case a success.

Our attorneys are experts in multiple areas of the law, keeping our knowledge and practice polished at all times and beneficial to every case. If you were injured on the job you may be able to seek benefits.

How to Receive Workers’ Compensation

If you have been injured at work, file your claim in writing as soon as possible. For those who cannot file immediately, there is a period of one year where you are allowed to submit your workers’ compensation claim. Your employer must then report the claim to the insurance carrier.

Three physicians must be given in writing as options for medical treatment of your condition. They must be (reasonably) near your residence and be separate entities. If your physician requires you to stay out of work for a period that exceeds seven days, you will be entitled to temporary disability payments. You will incur payments for each day after the seventh day for days of work missed and if your absence from work exceeds 14 days, you will also be compensated for the first seven days of missed work.

No corporation or business is too small or big for the attorneys at Jenkins Utley, P.C. Never be afraid to file for workers’ compensation, there are laws that prevent businesses from retaliating against their workers for filing and most companies are required to carry insurance policies for this purpose.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another person or unsafe conditions in the workplace, trust the lawyers at Jenkins Utley, P.C. to represent you. We have a record of successfully advocating on behalf of injured workers in the Atlanta area.

Common Work Injuries

Almost any injury can be covered by workers’ compensation if it occurred in the workplace; regardless of who is at fault, you may be able to seek benefits. Common work related injuries associated with workers’ compensation claims include:

  • Back, shoulder, and knee injuries
  • Intensification of a pre-existing condition
  • Stress injuries
  • Slips and falls
  • Occupational illness and disease

Many industries, professions, or careers can cause work related injuries, even to those who work in offices. If your job has caused you to take time off work, you are entitled to medical treatment and payment for your time away while you recover. For more severe cases, permanent disability, retraining, and additional benefits may be available to workers.

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You have the right as an injured employee to seek compensation; never be intimidated or afraid to file for workers’ compensation. The caring legal team at Jenkins Utley, P.C. in Atlanta, Georgia, can help you through the entire process of filing workers’ compensation claims.

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