Falls to Lower Levels in the Workplace

Lower level falls occur when a worker or employee falls to a level lower than the one he or she was previously standing on. Common instances of a lower level fall include:

  • Falling off a ladder or dock
  • Falling down stairs
  • Falling off scaffolding

Many of these falls can result in painful cuts, bruises, abrasions, fractures, concussions, broken bones and more. Lower level falls are common in all workplace environments, not just industrial workplaces. These injuries allow you to file for workers’ compensation.

Jenkins Utley, P.C. can help employees protect their rights, file for workers’ compensation, and receive payment for damages. Our experienced attorneys are ready to help you collect the compensation you deserve for your workplace injury.

How to File for Workers’ Compensation

It is important that workers carry out the appropriate actions after their fall to ensure their claim is filed correctly. Jenkins Utley, P.C. has helped many employees and their families file for workers’ compensation. There are several steps in the process of filing for workers’ compensation and our attorneys can guide you through the entire process:

  • To begin, workers must file a written claim with their employer as soon as possible to provide accurate details. If they cannot file immediately, 30 days are given to provide notice.
  • The employer must give the claim to their insurer. Three options for physicians must be provided to the injured employee.
  • The employee should receive a medical examination from a doctor provided and independent choice.
  • Finally, the claim and medical documents should be submitted to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

Depending on the amount of time missed from work, employees may be able to receive temporary disability payments. Workers’ compensation exists to protect employees if they incur medical bills or lose wages. Jenkins Utley, P.C. can help if your employer is disputing your claim to workers’ compensation or if you would like legal counsel.


Never forego the benefits you deserve, it is your right as an injured employee to receive workers’ compensation. If you have fallen at work and sustained damages financially or medically, contact our lawyers today.

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