Fatal Car Accidents

Some of the most devastating accidents happen unexpectedly. Regardless of the weather, time of day, or length of the trip, fatal car accidents can change your life in an instant.

Recent census estimates have the state of Georgia’s population at over 10 million, with over half a million people in Atlanta alone. This means there are around 8 million vehicles in the state, and if you’ve ever driven through Atlanta rush hour, it seems as if they’re all on the road at once.

Roadway congestion, in combination with many other factors—driver negligence, inclement weather, etc.—contributes to risk of accident and resulting death. Losing a loved one in a fatal car accident is an incomparably tragic event, putting strain on emotions as well as finances.

Causes of Fatal Car Crashes

Car accidents can become fatal for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common include:

  • Speeding: Around 180 people died in a collision while speeding or with a speeding vehicle.
  • Improper Safety Precautions: It’s estimated that in 2016 nearly 360 people involved in an accident died in part because they not wearing a seatbelt.
  • Driving Under the Influence: Georgia’s impaired driving fatalities averages at around 280 people per year for the past few years.

Fatal wrecks can also be caused by slick roads, careless driving, and vehicle malfunctions. The size of the vehicles involved in the wreck can also contribute to its severity.

Proving Wrongful Death After an Accident

The family and direct descendants of someone killed in a car accident may seek compensation for the pain and suffering of the deceased prior to death, pain and suffering of the deceased’s loved ones, as well as loss of companionship and economic hardship or loss of income.

In order to be compensated for these things, the defendant must prove that the other driver involved in the accident behaved negligently and that that negligence directly contributed to the death of their loved one. Once this has been done, legal guidance can help quantify the damages suffered to get a clear picture of what the damages paid should be.

We understand that no amount of money will bring your loved one back, but it can bring justice and help to ease the financial burden placed on your family.

Get the Legal Help You Deserve

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