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Types of Workers' Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits help cover the care and cost of injuries and illness caused at work. Whether its carpal tunnel or a crush injury, there are several different types of benefits that workers’ compensation may award to cover a claim. These benefits are available after filing a workers’ comp claim with your employer through their insurance. The workers’ compensation lawyers at Jenkins Utley, P.C. outline the different types of benefits below.

Medical Care Benefits

Medical care is typically covered under workers’ compensation benefits in the form of doctor appointments, hospital visits, surgery, medical equipment, medical tests like x-rays or CAT scans, medications, and more. Chiropractic care, therapy, and some homeopathic care may also be covered, depending on your employer’s workers’ comp insurance carrier. Most employers’ insurance carriers have limits on the cost of care, types of care, or which medical practitioners and facilities are covered.

If you choose out-of-network facilities or practitioners, your medical expenses may not be fully reimbursed or covered. You may also be limited to what types of treatment options are available. Some employer’s plans may not cover newer procedures or experimental medications/treatments. They may also have limits on how much cost they will cover based on the average cost of that medical service.

You may want to speak to an Atlanta workers’ comp attorney if you believe that you cannot receive adequate care through the options provided, or if you are under-compensated.

Rehabilitative Care Benefits

These benefits help cover or totally cover the cost of physical or occupational therapy if any is necessary in the recovery process. Again, coverage may have limitations like mentioned above. If you can no longer do your same job due to your injury, rehabilitation benefits can also cover retraining, school costs, or other expenses that may be required to transition you into a job equal to your previous position.

Disability Benefits

Disability benefits cover pay that you may have lost, or will lose, due to a workplace injury or illness. Temporary total disability includes any work missed directly after the injury. Whether your injury required a hospital stay, a day at the emergency room, or a visit to a physician, those missed wages should be compensated. Permanent total disability occurs when you are unable to return to your job or a similar job at all due to injury or illness. Temporary partial disability may compensate for any parts of your job that you are unable to do for a short period of time, due to injury. Permanent partial disability occurs when you can no longer do certain tasks at your job.

Death Benefits

Death benefits compensate families in the case of a fatal workplace illness or injury. If family members were financially dependent on the deceased person, compensation may be awarded to cover that loss. This can be paid in several different ways including a lump sum or a percentage of the person’s wages over time. Funeral expenses up to a limit are also usually covered.

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