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How to Identify Daycare Negligence

Millions of parents across the United States enroll their children in daycare programs, nursery schools, and camps. It is important for parents to feel secure when dropping their children off; they want to know their children are in safe hands.

The most important aspect of childcare is the safety and supervision of children. Unfortunately, there are facilities out there that don’t have the proper training, sufficient staff, or clean environments required to adequately care for a child.

Before signing children up for a daycare program, nursery school or camp, parents should know what to look for. When visiting a facility for the first time, observe your surroundings; that includes smells, sounds, activities, and attitudes. Not all daycares abide by the laws and measures that are in place to protect children, allowing accidents to happen because of the negligent actions of employees.

If you think your child may be experiencing daycare negligence, contact the experienced attorneys at Jenkins Utley, P.C. Our lawyers know how important your child’s wellbeing is and will fight for you and your family.

Serious Complications Resulting from Daycare Negligence

Daycare negligence can be the cause of physical, emotional and health problems in children. A few common issues that parents should look out for are:

Unexplainable Physical Injuries

Cuts, bruises, scratches, and burns. These are clear signs that one of two things are happening while at daycare. One could be that your child is being abused or mistreated by staff members at the daycare; this could be due to excess use of force, aggression, or anger. Another reason your child could be coming home with cuts and bruises is because your child could be getting bullied. Bullying is common among children, and occur when staff members are not paying attention. Some daycares are understaffed, leaving children to fend for themselves, which can lead to bullying and injuries because staff members cannot provide each child with the attention they need.

More serious injuries, including fractured or broken bones, head injuries, and back injuries, can occur when a child has been mistreated at daycare. Children that are leaving daycare with large cuts, bruises, burns, even fractured or broken bones are probably being mishandled in some way. These injuries can lead to medical and emotional problems down the road if not handled promptly.

Extreme Hunger or Thirst

A consistently hungry and thirsty child is cause for concern. If you notice that your child is hungry or thirsty when coming home from daycare or is losing weight, it could be a sign that they aren’t being supplied enough food or water. These are signs that parents need to pay attention to when they start bringing their child to a new daycare facility.

Unclean or Unsafe Environment

Health and safety should be the top priority at daycare centers. With small children running around and playing, it is important to keep hazardous items up high or secured in a fixed position.

One clear sign of a negligent daycare is an unsafe or unsanitary environment for the children. This can cause children to injure themselves or others, or come down with an illness. Sanitation is extremely important when working with young children because their immune systems have not fully developed. Sick children policies should be fairly strict as to eliminate the chances of children getting each other sick.

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