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Introducing your Pet to a New Baby

Baby onboard? Congratulations! This is an exciting time in your family’s life, but it can be a little intimidating, too. Especially if you have a four-legged friend that’s already king or queen of your home.

Introducing your pet to your new baby is a very important transition period. But, after adjusting to new household dynamics, many pets come to appreciate the addition to their family.

Here are some important tips to prep your dog for the day you bring your newborn home from the hospital!

Tips for Adjusting your Dog to your Newborn


We encourage you to use the next nine months to address any obedience concerns. Some things to look out for and correct would be jumping on the couch or on guests. What would be sometimes a smaller problem could turn into an even bigger no-no once the baby arrives.


If you’d like to work on basic obedience training before your newborn arrives, a workshop may be right up your alley! Many local humane societies offer special workshops for pet owners who are now parents-to-be. These workshops provide guidance on the best methods and practices for adjusting your pet to the new changes that are about to occur.


Take your dog in for an exam before the baby arrives. Have your vet look for any parasites or bugs that your pet may have. You may also choose to get your dog’s nails trimmed to avoid any scratches.


Setting up the nursery well in advance is imperative. This will give your pet time to acclimate to the new space.

Meet and Greet

Once the baby is born, have a family member or friend bring home something like the infant’s blanket or beanie. This will help your pet familiarize with his or her scent. We encourage the father to hold the baby during the reunion, since the pup will be eager to see the new mommy first.

In the future, it’s important to make time just for your pet every day, so they don’t feel left out. Give lots of belly rubs, one-on-one walks, and cuddles, so they feel loved and not jealous.

Dog Bite Prevention

Dog bite prevention involves helping a baby understand how certain behavior might provoke a pet, so as your child learns and grows, it’s important that the baby also knows how to behave around the dog.

If a dog bite happens to occur, it can be a traumatic event. Sometimes, dogs can be protective of the newborn or the parents, resulting in aggressive behavior.

If a dog bite occurs at the hands of another person’s dog, you can seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Seek legal counsel and representation from experienced dog bite attorneys. Contact Jenkins Utley, P.C. – your initial consultation is free. Call (404) 334-3013.