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Pursuing Black Lung Benefits Program

Coal mining can be a laborious and dangerous job, but the aftereffects can be even more so. Black lung disease also referred to as pneumoconiosis, is a serious condition that occurs after an individual inhales coal dust for an extended period of time.

The lawyers at Jenkins Utley, P.C. will work tirelessly to hold Georgia coal mining companies accountable for issues leading to black lung disease such as improper maintenance of safety equipment and poor ventilation. We are also dedicated to helping coal miners get special worker’s compensation or the proper medical care that will get them back on their feet.

What is Black Lung Disease?

Black lung disease is a progressive condition that turns the lungs black and leaves permanent scarring on the lungs over time. This condition can stem from tasks in a coal mine such as coal trimming, milling graphite, or manufacturing carbon electrodes.

It can take years to develop symptoms once the worker is consistently exposed to coal dust. When coal dust accumulates in the lungs, serious symptoms can include:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Persistent cough
  • Painful breathing
  • Heart problems
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Lung dysfunction and scarring

What Are the Next Steps if Symptoms Occur?

Once diagnosed with black lung disease, doctors at times advise these workers to no longer work in the coal mines to ensure the condition doesn’t progress. This leaves workers without a job while struggling to pay for medical bills.

Those who are disabled from black lung disease can receive monthly payments under the Black Lung Benefits Program. This is a type of workers’ compensation program that covers the costs of medical treatment and travels associated with it.

Making a black lung benefits claim can be a lengthy and complicated process. Our team of tough attorneys at Jenkins Utley, P.C. know the legal requirements for obtaining these benefits. We can assist in pursuing black lung benefits on your behalf.

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