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Responsibilities of Trucking Companies

Truck accidents bring in a whole other set of complications compared to regular auto accidents. This is because of the intricate laws that govern the trucking industry as well as the many parties involved such as the driver, the employer, manufacturer of truck, and shipper or loader of cargo. It is not only the truck driver’s duty to follow certain regulations, but it is also the trucking company that has strict expectations as well.

Determining who is held liable in a trucking accident can be incredibly complex, but the team at Jenkins Utley, P.C. is well-versed in this practice area. We are acutely aware of the federal laws that apply to trucking companies and the signs that these responsibilities were poorly followed after an accident.

Vehicle Maintenance

A tractor-trailer can carry up to 80,000 pounds, making these trucks even more dangerous in accidents. These trucks will run properly as long as the components are good to go. To prevent defective equipment and ensure these large trucks are operating as they should, all trucking companies are responsible for performing regular inspections and maintenance.

Many times, trucking companies disregard these checkups to save money or make a delivery on time. This negligence can result in catastrophic malfunctions including tire blowouts and failed brakes. The lawyers at Jenkins Utley, P.C. will carefully examine maintenance records as well as consult with trucking experts to identify these breakdowns.

Hiring Qualified Truck Drivers

Before truck drivers are hired, trucking companies are legally required to investigate their driving records and perform screenings for drugs and alcohol. To be qualified, truck drivers must a pass a checklist such as obtain a driver’s license, have adequate vision, and complete a road test with the ability to properly handle the vehicle.

When these companies hire an unqualified driver with a poor driving record or neglect to do these proper trainings and background checks, this puts drivers on the road at risk. If this truck driver causes an accident or injuries, the trucking company can be held responsible.

Hours of Service Regulations

Fatigued driving is one of the most common causes of trucking accidents, and hours of service (HOS) regulations are designed to prevent these occurrences. These rules outline a certain number of hours drivers can be on the road while enforcing a certain amount of resting hours.

Drivers tend to disregard HOS regulations because trucking companies often set unrealistic delivery deadlines that can make it extremely difficult to meet without breaking HOS regulations. Drivers can also be encouraged to exceed HOS rules due to increased profits by commercial carriers. Both the driver and trucking company can be held liable if failed to enforce or follow these principles.

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