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General Litigation

General litigation refers to civil litigation proceedings which can include many different types of lawsuits. Many cases result in settlements, but some may go to trial. Either way, the litigation process is multifaceted and complex.

Having experienced and knowledgeable lawyers on your side makes all the difference. At Jenkins Utley, P.C., our attorneys are skilled in the many practice areas of general litigation. We can assist in hearings, trials, arbitrations, dispute resolution, and more. Our Atlanta law firm is dedicated to helping our clients find the best solution and outcome for any matter.

Jenkins Utley, P.C. for all Litigation Needs

The attorneys of Jenkins Utley, P.C. are experts in various practice areas, allowing us to work together and join our knowledge for successful results. Our attorneys are practiced in the areas of:

Our firm works diligently to understand our clients’ goals so that we serve their best interests. Jenkins Utley, P.C. assists both businesses and individuals in general litigation cases in and out of the courtroom. We will handle your case from start to finish – from investigating and evidence collection to settlement negotiation to trials in the courtroom. We provide personalized services that are cost-efficient, while maintaining our focus on success.

Additionally, our local lawyers maintain a professional manner in the courtroom while working individually with clients to better know and understand them. Whether you are seeking compensation for a small amount of damages or life-altering event, Jenkins Utley, P.C. can help.

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Jenkins Utley, P.C. are the local Atlanta lawyers you can trust. We will keep your personal or business goals in mind throughout the legal process.

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4 Reasons to Turn to Jenkins Utley, P.C.

  • Personalized Representation

    You receive one-on-one attention from an attorney the entire way through your case when you put us on your side.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    Jenkins Utley, P.C. proves that quality guidance for your personal injury case is affordable and attainable in Atlanta.

  • Dedicated Advocates

    We are committed to being trusted and empathetic counselors to you and your loved ones throughout the process of your claim.

  • Responsive Team

    Our attorneys get back to clients promptly when they call or email us to address the working components of their case.