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Mediation Services

Mediators exist to provide neutral, unbiased third party arbitration between two parties that may be disputing or unable to reach agreements concerning a number of matters. Mediation services help avoid going to trial and resolve these disputes outside of court. Mediation can be agreed upon by the parties or ordered by a judge. Mediation issues can be related to a number of litigation disputes and matters including:

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Mediation Process

Mediation is not a binding process unless an agreement or settlement is made. The neutral third party, or mediator, does not force either of the other parties to settle and both may negotiate and develop their own ideal resolutions.

The process of mediation varies, depending on the issue at hand. The mediator’s office will coordinate schedules of both parties to plan a day, time and place for meeting. Mediation usually occurs with both disputing parties and their representatives meeting in the same room to give personal accounts of the ongoing issue, one at a time. Afterward, the mediator meets with the two parties separately to hear anything they may want to share privately. Sometimes parties choose not to meet together at all.

If both parties come to a conclusion and accept the terms each other offers, the mediator drafts a mediation report that both parties and their representatives (if applicable) must agree to and sign. This report then becomes a binding contract. Mediators do not provide legal advice as they must remain unbiased and are not serving as legal counsel to either party. They also cannot be called as witnesses in court should parties fail to follow through with arrangements in the future.

Mediation services can avoid the stress of trials, court costs and outcomes that may or may not be favorable for either party during disputes.

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