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Machinery Accidents at Work

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Many industries require workers to use equipment and machinery on a daily basis. These machines pose countless risks to employees if not handled properly or if mistakes are made. Machinery accidents may leave workers with life-altering conditions, amputations, and sometimes may even result in death. Employees must be trained to operate all machinery properly and work conditions must be safe.

If you were injured at work by equipment or machinery, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Our firm can help you understand your legal options and devise a solid plan of action. Our Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers know how to navigate these types of complex personal injury claims. No matter how complicated your case may be, we are prepared to fight for your rights.

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Common Injuries Caused by Machinery Accidents

Machinery accidents are one of the most common reasons employees seek workers’ compensation. Due to the nature of heavy machinery, accidents tend to have devastating consequences. Whether an incident was the result of improper training, lack of supervision, faulty equipment, or another negligent cause, you should not have to suffer the life-altering aftermath on your own.

Common machinery accident-related injuries include:

  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Electrical burns
  • Crushed limbs or digits

Workers’ compensation is available for all employees that are injured on the job and it stands as a no-fault insurance policy; workers do not have to prove liability or fault to receive compensation. If you have been involved in a workplace accident involving machinery or equipment, Jenkins Utley, P.C. is here for you. We can handle every aspect of your case so that you can take the time to recover and be with family.

Atlanta Work Accidents

Many industrial companies flock to Atlanta as it is a major transportation hub, not only in the southeast but in the world. Consequently, workplace accidents are a fairly common occurrence. Even outside of our city, many hardworking Americans employed in the agricultural, mechanical, and industrial sectors are injured daily while trying to make a sufficient income to support their families. No matter where you are, Jenkins Utley, P.C. is here to help you and your family fight for just compensation for your damages.

There are numerous state and federal laws that regulate the operation of heavy machinery. While these laws are important, companies and employees do not always comply with them. This is when accidents occur. Our experienced litigators are dedicated to each case we take on and are committed to each client’s unique needs. We fight to protect your rights as a worker while striving to ensure that your workers’ compensation claim is given the attention it deserves.

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The Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys at Jenkins Utley, P.C. work in a timely, cost-effective manner to provide each client with the compassion and consideration they deserve. If you are a victim of a machinery incident, you may have a right to workers’ compensation. We believe that you should be given the full, fair recompense for your injury and are not afraid to take your claim to trial.

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